1. Introduction

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a mother.

When I met Tiffany, it was like that moment in a movie when the couple first sees each other and everyone thinks to themselves “those two are going to end up together”. We had an instant connection and our relationship almost began itself. Our love came so easily – falling in love with her has been the most beautiful experience of my life.

We have a wonderful life. We have a dog and two cats who we love to pieces. We have incredible friends and family. We live in an area where we are constantly surrounded by beauty. But we want more.

Our life may be wonderful, but it is not complete. We want children so bad. We want to shape a little life and watch our tiny human grow. We want to be Mommas (Momma S and Momma T). We want to bring a beautiful life into this world, and give them every ounce of our love.

We have been on our journey to become mothers for what feels like forever – in reality our first appointment at our fertility clinic was only 7 months ago. We always knew that we would have a different journey than the average couple, being two women we knew we would require a little extra assistance – but we were ready for it.

We have driven the 45 minute car ride to our clinic more times that I can count. I have had more blood drawn than I ever imagined I would. And we have sat hand in hand as we received bad news more times than I ever thought my soul could take.

I have PCOS, this makes getting pregnant difficult. For me, it actually means that I do not ovulate naturally. They have given me a few different doses of Provera which is the medication that most women respond to – but my body hasn’t responded. So this month, I will begin injections to hopefully wake my ovaries up and produce some strong eggs.

This blog is more for myself than anything, I want to keep track of my journey. I want a place to vent to when I feel my soul shattering. I want to track my progress when I DO finally have a sweet baby in my belly. And hopefully, some woman who is in the same situation that I am in right now will come across this and she will know that although it doesn’t always feel like it, she is not alone.

Blog one complete – I hope you stick around.



2 thoughts on “1. Introduction

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    • I didn’t start this blog with the hopes of anyone reading it, but I’ve come to realize that having other women to share these emotions and experiences with is the most comforting thing.

      Going through fertility treatments is a balancing act of emotions. You don’t want to get your hopes up too high because the further they crash the harder it hurts, but then you can’t even take one step in this process if you’re feeling pessimistic.

      Thanks for reaching out and for supporting other women in situations similar to mine and yours. Sending love and positive vibes your way!


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