7. Clearing my head

With all of the thoughts of appointments, injections, follicles, babies and heartbreak – I find it hard to clear my head. There are so many little details that are constantly floating around in my mind but I know that for my own sanity and health, I need to do try to let the thoughts go, even just for an afternoon.

This weekend myself, Tiff, my sister and my mom went for a long hike with the dogs! There is something about being surrounded by nature and breathing in crisp fresh air that allows my mind to reset itself. We slipped in the mud, got a little bit lost, broke a sweat and laughed more than I have in the past few weeks … for the first time in a while my worries seemed far away and I felt positivity radiating through my body.

Obviously the day would have been even more enjoyable with a little baby strapped to my chest, but that will come eventually.

Taking a deep breath.



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