6. Update and Opening up


The injections still haven’t stimulated any follicles but I am feeling positive today. Our doctor increased my dose of FSH again yesterday and said that she is “going to make it happen” for us. She was so confident and it made me realize that she sees this all the time, I am not the first person to respond slowly to medications.

People do not talk about their fertility issues openly, most couples (or individuals) struggle though the process alone – feeling like nobody around them can relate. In the past little while, I have opened up to family and some friends about this process and I was met with overwhelming support and encouragement. I have friends who know other people who are currently in the same situation, I have friends who are looking into the process and had about 100 questions so they would know what to expect and even my mom struggled through a miscarriage before she got pregnant with me.

Opening up isn’t easy because the more people we open up to – the more people we have checking in (which is so kind of them, but on a bad day it just reopens the wounds) – but I am so glad to have opened up to the people in my life that truly care about Tiff and I. I am happy to know that I can hopefully help my friends navigate their way through the process and let them know what they can expect and I am happy to know that my mom and sister are always there to listen and hand out advice.

If you ever need someone to open up to – I am here.



2. Dear Tiff,


You are going to be such an incredible mother. I have never met another person who is so full of love and life, you have every quality that I could ever want the mother of my child to posses. You make me laugh every single day, and I can already see you and our little one at the park across the street giggling away at some silly game that you have concocted. You are stronger than I could ever hope to be, you keep me going on the days when I feel like my heart is shattered and my body isn’t working.

I can’t wait to see you with our baby (or babies) in your arms.

Thanks for loving me back.